A few words about our business school

City Business School is a business school of a new type, combining elements of classical business education and new educational solutions and technologies. Thanks to innovational services and our system of distant learning (which is the best in the CIS) our students get all necessary skills for professional and personal growth.

The highest level of our educational materials, the logical educational process and our experts will help our students and graduates to achieve the best results in theirs business activities.

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CBS’ accomplishments

  • The 1st place in nomination “distant and e-learning in corporate education (by rating of corporate customers, the organizer of the rating is the magazine “Corporate Universities”)
  • City Business School is definitely among the best three of multi-skilled providers of corporate education (by rating of corporate customers, the organizer of the rating is the magazine “Corporate Universities”)
  • The 1st place in nomination “the best distance business education” for creation balanced system of distance learning, developed according to the newest accomplishments and innovational developments in the field of worlds system of distance learning (by independent rating of employees and student of business educational programs, the organizers holding “RDV-Media, rabota.ru and edition “Elite personnel” 10/2012)
  • The 2nd place in number of students through business schools in 2015 by rating “Educational management”, based on Business Week “Expert”

Professors and tutors

Teaching staff in City Business School consist of the experienced professionals from the CIS, Europe and the USA. Also we invite top-managers and business consulters from the different fields of business to teach our students.

We give our students the real business case studies.

  • More than 1200 experts, professors and business-trainers.
  • More than 200 invested professors per month
  • More than 10 years of professional experience of each our specialists
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The benefits of e-learning in CBS

  • Alumni club
  • The Practice Center
  • The Career Centre

After graduation, you will enter the Alumni club. CBS’ graduates will have indefinite access to all educational materials and upgrades. You will be constantly developed in career and business also you will maintain your professional form at the highest level.

  • Permanent updating of knowledge and skills
  • Developing a network of contacts
  • The possibility of free use of all CBS services
  • Help from the members of alumni club
  • Attending conferences from City Business School

The Practice Center is a crowdsourcing platform # 1, which is made to solve your business tasks. In the Practice Center our students learn how to make an effective decisions based on practical situations. It forms the basic skills foe a successful resolution of complex problems.

  • Real business situations
  • More than 1,500 real cases
  • Up to 100 ideas for each case

The art of self-presentation and self-positioning are one of the key factors of embark on your career. Choosing the excellent team of employees is the key to success. All these services are provided by service The Career Centre.

  • The counseling Center
  • The expert advice
  • Online conferences
  • Audiolectures
  • Job vacancies & secondment
More than:

75 000



Professors and experts

They say about us

The degree for rigidity: how does business-school help parents of disabled children
The degree for rigidity: how does business-school help parents of disable children.
The distance learning for disabled children has already exist for a long time, but a chance to get an MBA degree for free to their parents has fallen for the first time.
"Hospital, intensive care, surgery – this is our sad reality".
Many parents of disabled children in the charity fund "Quality of Life" could agree with these words.
Concerns which these parents have to bare, when doctors reported severe diagnosis of the child do not leave the choice for such parents. They have to change all his life, career and other personal aspirations go by the wayside. The project of distance learning at the MBA program for parents of disableв children was started by City Business School.
This project gives people not only an opportunity to get business education but also give them hope – possibilities to career development, revenue growth, which means the ability to create the best environment for the child.»
Where to learn to Lee Yakokka?
“Expert” Magazine give readers some details about basic trends and significant players on the market of business- education. The main goal of the project is to tell about the significant educational institutions, which train management and reveal market’s trends. Different educational institutions took part in the project such as universities business-schools, private business-schools, training centers, coaching centers, consulting centers in the field of management, and also business-schools working ar the field of online-programs. The logical end of this project “The map of management education in Russia” became the article “Where to learn to Lee Yakokka?” which was published in July of the “Expert” Magazine (#28-29, 79 p.). According to the “Map of management education in Russia” City Business School entered Top-5 business-schools in the field of professional retraining, further training, seminars and trainings. Also it is important to add that City Business School managed a second place per amount of MBA graduates distributed to business schools (table 2) That means our main results of our efforts. »
Will the MBA degree help your startup?
What skills and tools MBA business programs will be useful for startups and what do you need to prepare, going to training? All about that Natalia Lagenen, CEO of City Business School and the graduates of different MBA programs told us all about it.
The majority of startups are extremely capable people and professionals in their field, but for the development of startup is not enough to have an internal drive. They need a comprehensive vision of business processes. There will be very useful a specific knowledge and skills acquired in the MBA programs (Master of Business Administration)/ The graduates of such programs have a significant advantage. This is especially useful for those who have serious plans for scaling business and enter the international market. »
Russian business-education wends to online
The audience of distant MBA-school City Business School is variegated, said СEO Natalia Lagenen. The school, where there is no full-time format of education, sells distance MBA courses for senior and middle managers and owners of companies. "Some of them want to get specific knowledge, others believe in computer technology, they want to be in trend and therefore they choose distance education", - said Lagenen. According to her, this year, students from Moscow and St. Petersburg account for only 40% from all amount of students, the others 60% - the inhabitants of different regions. "Regional students are interested in our educational programs , because they could get an opportunity to communicate with metropolitan professors and experts" - said Lagenen. »

How does it work?

An urgent reason for wage growth

You are studying online when it is more comfortable for you. You do not need to go anywhere. All knowledge and skills are in computer, tablet and phone.

The unique educational process

You do not just learn the books and watch the videos. The huge emphasis in City Business School is aimed to the practical application with the help of modern technology. You train your skills through business quests, simulators, case studies and practical exercises


The lectures are conducted by practicing executives with work experience of more than 10 years. Ask questions and get advice from the most competent managers of the country.

Case studies and networking

You analyze real cases from Russian business practice. Discuss ideas, find partners, associates, investors in among students and graduates of City Business School.