You will be able to achieve a new qualitative level in your career and business

MBA General Intensive

An intensive online MBA program will allow you to improve your skills and achieve your practical results. The program corresponds to the foreign standards of MBA and is adapted to the peculiarities of doing business in Russia.

  • MBA degree and a European diploma in a single year
  • The employment assistance for graduates

Dates for start the program

  • 3 seatsApril, 20
  • 10 seatsMay, 18
  • 18 seatsMay, 30
A distance-learning form of education
Duration of study: 12 months

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The employment assistance

City Business School provides assistance and support for all interested graduates to find work and employment. We will help you to find the dream job and increase your income!

  • We will get you a certificate of training for the students
  • We will get you access to our videos and articles on career and career management
  • We will send out your CV to the best recruiting companies and our partners
  • We will provide you a letter of recommendation from our business school

The program of education

SPECIALIZATIONS of the program

Each student can choose one specialization for free

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Strategy

  • Finance management

  • Human resource management

  • Marketing management

  • Sales management

  • Project management

  • IT management

  • Quality management

  • Corporate law and jurisprudence

  • Logistics management

  • Retail

  • Business security management

At the end of your education you will get a prestigious diploma

The diploma of additional education, confirming the certification of skills “Master of Business Administration” (MBA)

Your results

  • You can get a tax deduction of 13% of the full cost
  • You will find a dream job, or even open your business
  • Improve your personal effectiveness and will keep up with twice as much
  • Acquire a systematic view of the management of business projects and business processes
  • Push the limits of consciousness and thinking, you will go beyond the line
  • Get a new perspective on business, upgrade and structure your knowledge and skills
  • Improve your managerial skills and competencies for successful management of your company and effective decision-making in business
  • Increase the number of business contacts by using social network in City Business School
  • In the middle of your diploma project you can improve strategy and business processes in your organization or department

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After leaving a request you will be able to:

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    Fix the special price 96 000 RUB

  • 2

    Get an indefinite access to the educational materials at the end of your training

  • 3

    Get recordings of 2-days conference on carrier’s managing with famous experts

The core courses of the module Personal and professional efficiency
  • Public speaking skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Business Communication
  • Successful negotiations
  • How to lead the meetings
  • Building a personal brand
  • Coaching &staff development
  • Management of reputational risks
  • Strategic thinking and leadership
  • Team building and team leadership
  • Formulation of tasks and delegation
  • Leadership in business environment
  • Managing conflict and stress management
  • Energy and resource state of the leader
  • Time Management for the effective manager
  • Styles of leadership and management. Situational use of different management styles
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module General, Strategic & Operational management
  • Basic Strategy
  • Process Automation
  • Process Improvement
  • Process approach to management
  • Modeling and regulation processes
  • Basic concepts of strategic management
  • The organizational structure of the company. Relationships and communication
  • Modern trends in management self-awareness of the organization: mission and goals
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module Financial Management
  • Risk Management
  • IFRS for executives
  • Budgeting and Management
  • Evaluation of investment decisions
  • Taxation. Selection and optimization
  • Key financial indicators of the company
  • Business valuation and company value management
  • Modern companies financing instruments - sponsoring and fundraising, foreign investment
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module Marketing Management
  • Branding
  • Public Relations
  • EVENT - marketing
  • Assortment policy
  • Internet - Marketing
  • Communication Management: media planning
  • The specifics of international marketing
  • The organizational structure of marketing activities
  • Market research and benchmarking for management decisions
  • The process of developing a marketing plan: the main stages
  • Strategic Marketing: development of strategic marketing alternatives and their rationale
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module Production process and quality administration
  • Introduction to Quality Management
  • Metrology, Standardization and Certification
  • The quality management system in the organization
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module Innovations management
  • Manage resistance to change
  • Planning innovation portfolio
  • Innovation Policy for Organization
  • The specifics of innovation management
  • Information Management. Knowledge Management
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module Economic, legislative and social business environment
  • Contract Law
  • Basic economic concepts
  • Economic Analysis Tools
  • Property rights of business
  • International Economic Relations
  • Micro and macro-economic indicators
  • Business Support Programme in Russia
  • Organization of the social sphere. Charity
  • Social and interaction point with business
  • Methods of protecting organizational interests
  • Social and labor relations and their regulation
  • Social partnership, its forms, functions and principles
  • Labour law: application of the scheme and the successful cases
  • The global economy: competitiveness of products on world markets
  • Organizational and legal forms of business in the CIS and abroad. application practice
  • Legal regulation and security foundations of entrepreneurial activity. Raider attacks and protection
  • Decision-making on the basis of macro and micro economic analysis. Effective strategies of firms in different types of markets
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module Strategic management
  • Developing a strategy
  • The Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
  • How to make a strategic session
  • Developing Breakthrough Strategy
  • Decomposition strategy of the company
  • The implementation, monitoring, strategy changes
  • Gathering the information and preparing for the development of a strategy
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module Human resource management
  • HR Strategy
  • Talent Management
  • Adaptation of staff
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Training and Development
  • Intangible motivation of staff
  • Workforce Planning and Budgeting
  • Management of involvement of staff
  • Construction of personnel management system
  • Methods of assessment and certification of personnel
  • Development and production KPI system in the company
  • Construction of the company's corporate culture and building internal communications
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module Sales Management
  • The structure of sales of the company
  • Construction compensation systems that motivate
  • Audit of the company's sales system. Sales funnel
  • Formulation of customer focus and loyalty systems
  • Managing relationships with customers. Databases, CRM
  • Planning and forecasting sales in the company. New methods and standards
  • Sales team: selection, adaptation and training. Stimulation (smart objectives and KPI)
  • Market matrix: method of determining sales strategies on the basis of inside information
  • Manage distribution channels: branches, dealers, franchises. Sales agents and representatives
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module Project Management
  • Project Planning
  • Initiating a Project
  • Manage the project stage
  • Management of project risks
  • Context of Project Management
  • Software for project management
  • Organisation of project management
  • Personal Efficiency for Project Manager
  • Investment approach to project management
Total time for module: 140 h
The core courses of the module IT in management
  • Outsourcing and partnership in IT
  • The architecture and business processes of the organization
  • The principles and methods of business process automation
  • Current approaches to the creation of information systems
  • Corporate governance of information technology and IT-service tasks
Total time for module: 140 h