Our distance learning program for professionals and executives is №1 in Russia

PRE-MBA Professional

An intensive program of professional retraining in the sphere of management. Here you can find the most important knowledge and practices from the MBA program. Pre-MBA is the first level for you carrier

  • Favorable conditions
    Till May, 4 2017 we propose special conditions
  • The employment assistance for graduates
    We’ll provide you letter of recommendation and send out your CV to the best recruiting companies and our partners to help you find your dream job!
Dates for start the program
April 27, May 11

The program of education

  • Leadership and personal efficiency of a Manager
    100 h
  • Strategical & operations management
    100 h
  • Marketing management
    100 h
  • Sales management
    100 h
  • Personnel management
    100 h
  • Financial management
    100 h
  • Project management
    100 h
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At the end of your education you will get a prestigious diploma

The diploma of professional retraining, confirming the right to conduct professional activity in the field of management

As we help to find a job

1A certificate of training for the students, as the basis for career development
2We will send out your CV to the best recruiting companies and our partners
3Letter of recommendation for our graduates
4Videos and articles on career and career management

As a result

  • Improve your personal effectiveness and keep up with twice as much
  • Acquire a systematic view of the management of business projects and business processes
  • Get a new perspective on business, upgrade and structure the knowledge and skills in personal growth, strategic and operational management, financial management, marketing and sales, hr and projects
  • Learn how to make effective decisions based on the practical experience gained in the process of learning
  • You will be able to solve many different business problems
  • Increase the number of business contacts by social network in City Business School
  • You will be able to get help with employment and a letter of recommendation
  • You will find a dream job, or even open your business
  • Also you can get a tax deduction of 13% of the full cost
Your CV will become more demanded in the labor market

A few words about our business school

City Business School – the business school of a new type, combining elements of classical business education and new technologies. Our programs are focused on the practice and possibility of instantaneous application of knowledge for professional and personal growth.
The license for educational activity number 035328

There are only 8 seats left

After leaving a request you will be able to:

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    Fix the special price 68 000 RUB
  • 2
    Get an indefinite access to the educational materials at the end of your training
  • 3
    Get recordings of 2-days conference on carrier’s managing with famous experts
The core courses of the Module “Leadership and personal efficiency of a Manager”
  • Business etiquette
  • Effective solutions
  • Stress management
  • Conflict management
  • Public speaking skills
  • Basic management skills
  • Effective communication
  • Personal efficiency of a Manager
  • Leadership. 7 habits of a modern leader
  • Time management. The delegation of authority
  • Emotional intelligence as the basis of a leader
  • Build the personal brand of a successful leader
  • Skills of conducting business negotiations. Hard talks
Total time for module: 100 h
The core courses of the Module Strategical & operations management
  • Security of business
  • Balanced scorecard (BSC)
  • Management of information systems
  • Information technology and business processes
  • Identity of the organization: mission and goals
  • Management of the company according to I. Adizes
  • Business processes modeling and process management
  • Systems of company management and business processes
  • Implementation of the strategy. Control of execution
  • Strategic market analysis: methods and technologies
  • The formation of strategies and technologies of strategic decision-making
  • Setting the business processes, their efficiency assessment and optimization
  • Organizational structure of the company. The relationship and communication
Total time for module: 100 h
The core courses of the Module Personnel management
  • Compensation package
  • Recruitment and hiring of staff
  • Workforce planning and budgeting
  • Corporate culture and employer brand
  • Personnel adaptation. Coaching, mentoring
  • Organizational behavior and team building
  • The creation of a corporate training center
  • Tangible and intangible motivation of staff
  • Building of motivation system based on KPIs
  • The regulation of labor and staff management
  • System of remuneration: tariff rates and grading
  • Optimization of organizational structures and staffing
  • The HR management strategy. HR potential of the company
  • Methods of personnel assessment. Technology Assessment center
  • Development of competency model based on balanced scorecard (BSC)
  • Career management as a new form of staff development. The personell reserve
  • Development and training of personnel: technologies and training programmes
Total time for module: 100 h
The core courses of the Module Sales management
  • Internet Commerce
  • Retail sales management
  • The wholesale management
  • Customer focus and loyalty
  • Sales structure in the company
  • Operations management in sales management
  • Setting of active sales system in the company
  • Managing relationships with clients. Database
  • The value of a customer. Key and VIP clients management
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the sales Department
  • Recruitment in the sales department. Training. Stimulation (smart objectives and KPIs)
  • Planning and forecasting of sales in the company. New methods and standards
  • Management of distribution channels: branches, dealers, franchises. Sales agents and representatives
Total time for module: 100 h
The core courses of the Module Marketing strategy of business
  • Promotion in the Internet
  • Market analysis: methods and technologies
  • Structure of marketing activities in the company
  • Developing and bringing a new product to the market
  • Strategic marketing. Basic and non-standard strategies
  • Positioning, branding and competitive advantages of the company
  • Customers: segmentation, behavior modeling, development of needs
  • Features of work with social media (SMM, Social Media Marketing)
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the marketing service of the company
  • Competitors: analysis, evaluation of company competitiveness and confrontation
Total time for module: 100 h
The core courses of the Module Financial management
  • Financial shape and the balance
  • Work with accounts receivable
  • Budgeting of the company: the levels and numbers
  • Accounting and reporting in the Russian Federation
  • Financial, tax and management accounting of the company
Total time for module: 100 h
The core courses of the Module Project management
  • The types of projects
  • Time frame and resources
  • Management of Start-up projects
  • Risk management and project modifications
  • Projects in the management of the company
  • Organizational approach to project management. The success factors
  • Financial management of the project. Attraction of investments
  • Quality management. Controlling. Reporting. Evaluation of the effectiveness
  • Life cycle of the project. Internal and external environment of the project
  • The project team and interaction in it. The communication component of the project
Total time for module: 100 h